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Available Video Lectures

We have only  the following available:

1. Financial Reporting (30 hours of lectures) using Teach Yourself Financial Reporting by Casmir Idekwulim. 

2. Performance Management (60 hours of lectures) using Adeniyi Adeniji's Performance Management TextBook.

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Financial Reporting Short Excerpt

Financial Reporting video for ICAN skills level. Over 30 hours of video recording that totally removes whatever fear you may have of Financial Reporting. Every single thing and topic you need to know is already treated here in a way that even a 10 year old child will be able to watch it and make sense of it better than most people.

Try it out and watch it.  You will need Casmir Idekwulim’s textbook which you can get here to make sense of the video since that was what we used in making it.


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Performance Management Short Excerpt:

The textbook used in making this video is Adeniyi Adeniji’s Performance Management textbook which you can get here

The video takes the syllabus from the beginning and treats each topic in that order till we get to the end of the whole syllabus. Everything is explained in terms even your 10 year old child will be able to understand.

About 60 hours of ICAN  Performance Management covering the whole of the current syllabus from November 2019 diet made ridiculously easy for everyone! Try it out by watching the excerpt here or on YouTube. Its risk-free!

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TextBooks that were used in making the videos are

Financial Reporting:

  1. Teach Yourself Financial Reporting By Casmir Idewkulim Vol 1
  2. Teach Yourself Financial Reporting By Casmir Idekwulim Vol 2

Performance Management:

  1. Performance Management by Adeniyi Adeniji





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