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Call Kayode Oladoye on 0806-285-1300. 0909-809-8260.


Conditions of the private ICAN/ACCA lecture class are

  1. Must be located in Lagos
  2. Preferable if there were at least 3 candidates in the private class
  3. Lecture takes place only on weekends (that's because I work in Real Estate weekdays)
  4. Time duration of each session is 6 hours for a period of 4 months. There will be 2 class sessions of 3 hours each with a break in-between.  Each session is handled by a different tutor.
  5. Cost of the Private Lectures is N140,000(compared to N60,000 charged by mass lecture centers where you come back tired and gain nothing useful). Instalmentally paid over the course of the class.
  6. We will get people writing the same exam and level with you and tutor you together.

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